Trail of the Unblinking Eye

An Eye for an Eye
Part one

Lord Aschaffenburg has hired the characters, in the guise of porters to find out ‘what is so damned odd about this place!’ that place being a hunting lodge in Reikwald Forest.

After a long wagon ride from Ubersreik, the group fought off a beastmen ambush just outside the walls of Grunwald Lodge, it’s clear that things are not as they should be at the normally quiet hunting lodge.

On the journey to the lodge the wagons were attacked by beastmen, Grump use his axe to fearsome effect while Thurin felled a few more with his crossbow.

The character have been looking round the lodge and about to meet up with each other in the garden, and share what they have found out so far…

Thurin has ‘accessed’ the doctors room and found a large quantity of a drug called schlaf. He found a note in the bed of one of the staff which simply said ‘Goose is Good’. He also spoke with the chef Carla who has a taste for wine, the good stuff only please.

Grump chatted with captain Bluscher and was trying to get the remaining guards to sort out the poor state of the lodges defences. He visited Korden, his uncle, in a temporary hospice, next to the shrine of Sigmar, but Korden was found gravely ill, and grump went seeking answers from the physician Dr. Seiger. There was shouting…

More from this story later…


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